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"Simply awesome power! Power, handling, throttle response...it's like learning to drive a different new car altogether. I've had my car in a number of autoshows and one of the consistent comments is "It's so clean, it looks like the car came stock with the Cartuning setup". There is also something to be said about having the ability to double your car's stock rated horsepower using a simple bolt-on kit that can easily be removed in an afternoon to return the car back to stock configuration if need be. I was hesitant at first to go down the turbocharged path, but now in hindsight...I can't believe I didn't do it sooner! Two thumbs up!"

Wayne Wilson
2004 Grand Prix GTP Competition Group owner (w/complete upgraded Cartuning Turbo/Intercooled Package)

"I can't say enough about Cartuning performance. The Turbo kit is amazing; my only regret is not having installed it sooner. It took my otherwise stock 150HP Pontiac Grand Prix GT to an amazing 338WHP non intercooled in a "Saturday afternoon ", just what they advertised. This was accomplished through custom tuning and the addition of water/alcohol injection which complimented the upgraded PT-61 very nicely. The customer service I received was second to none. The kit comes with a full installation guide with all instructions and color photos so my questions or issues were minimal, but when I did need help Cartuning was there for me, eager and willing to help in any way they could. All I can say is WOW; to think a product like this can turn my "grocery getter" into something I truly enjoy driving and has the power to get great ¼ mile times is a true testament to the Cartuning kit. Thanks again guys"

Mike Seguin

"I was stubborn on my supercharged setup as it was pretty quick but I was tired of the unreliability and the terrible gas mileage no matter how much tuning was done to it. I kept seeing other GP’s with just the Cartuning kit and maybe 1.9 rockers destroying my times and trap speeds with the same 60 foots. I wasn’t motivated and almost sold my car. I was thinking about going turbo but thought to myself that I was too far into the game. What was keeping me from switching over was the fact that I was heavily modified with the supercharged setup and thought of it to be a huge hassle to switch. I then calculated the average selling price of all my mods and realized that the cost difference was very minimal which motivated me to demod. I had the full kit installed and there is no comparison. I can’t understand why I didn’t switch sooner. I love the product so much that I have joined Cartuning Performance. I truly believe this is the absolute best product you can buy for performance, reliability, better gas mileage, and better day to day driving."

John Rehman

"Before deciding to go with a Cartuning Turbo kit, I had my 2000 GTP loaded with tons of mods. Intercooler, 3.0 pully, FWI, 42.5# injectors, Headers, Cat back exhaust, and a custom tune PCM. With over 6000 in mods including labor and parts I still was not getting satisfactory results with my times, especially when other GP's in my local club were hitting 12's in an afternoon with a bolt on Turbo kit... Very frustrating! So I made the Jump head first! After working with Cartuning for approx 11 hours we demoded my car completely, gutted the Supercharger casing and installed my Intercooled turbo setup. The end result... Truly AMAZING!!!! The car was now an animal unleashed from its cage. The power was phenomenal! And the look on passengers and friends faces when they were suddenly shoved back into their seat when I opened the throttle was priceless. In addition to more power, Faster times, This kit has also returned my gas mileage to stock conditions, And the car actually runs smoother. Overall I believe I made the only choice when it comes to spending a lot of money on your car...TURBO by Cartuning.

Thank you to Kevin and the Cartuning team!"

Joe Pickstock

"Dear Cartuning Staff,
I have been VERY impressed by your willingness to help and direction with my car. Not only have you guys listened to the direction I wanted to go but gave very specific details on helping me. My personal best with the car prior to the kit was 13.66 at 101mph with a 3.4 pulley, 1.9 Rockers, FWI and PCM. I then purchased the Cartuning Non-Intercooled kit and 1st time out went 12.70 at 108mph through a STOCK catback. I bumped up boost about .5PSI and ran an open cutout and trapped at 113.76MPH the following week. My MPH is along the lines of guys that run larger heads/cams and intercoolered supercharged Grand Prixs. All in all the Turbo Kit was easy to install. It took about 9 hours to do, which isn't bad for our first time. I just purchased the Cartuning Intercooler Kit and Turbo Manifolds. This along with a Powertuner and a fully built trans I am hoping for mid 11's in my daily driven car. The car drives completely stock until you get into boost then it just steadily pulls and its much more fun to drive then an M90 Supercharged GTP. Cartuning and Kevin has been very helpful and I will continue working with them in the future."

Gregory T. Forte
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, 108K miles (Stock Heads and Stock Cam)

"I was debating on whether to keep my ’99 Pontiac Grand Prix GT that is completely paid off, and upgrade it, or try to sell it and buy a newer faster car. It was cheaper in the long run for me to upgrade my GT for now, so I purchased the Cartuning Turbo Kit w/ Intercooler. It’s been the best money I could have spent on my car and the comments and looks that I receive are priceless. Thank-you Kevin and the Cartuning guys!"

Chad Umscheid
1999 Grand Prix GT, Intercooled

"My name is Brian and I pruchased the Cartuning upgraded PT-61 turbo with the Air to air intercooler and I have to say that I am 100% satisfied with it. I absolutely love the kit and I have gotten soooo many compliments and the look on other people's faces when I fly by them is priceless. I bought the kit for my 2005 non-supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix about 5 months ago and I am still in love with with it. I've got so many more mods planned like a cam, exhaust cut-out and many more to get the best out of this turbo kit. Thank you so much for designing such an amazing kit!!!!

Thanks for everything, your very proud customer, Brian"

Brian Baacke
2005 Grand Prix GT, Non-intercooled